Limbo EN

“Limbo, the Forgotten Promise” is born to tell a story of oppression and resistance.
LIMBO is a social movement born out of the alliance of two organizations that have been working together for a long time to highlight inconvenient truths and raise awareness around never-ending injustices. At heart of this joint project is the documentary “Limbo, the Forgotten Promise”.

Across The Rivers

Across The Rivers Across the Rivers is an educational project through documentary films, global stories about the most emblematic rivers on this planet. The project wants to inspire and motivate society to participate more actively and consciously on the way to create a sustainable world, to invite to think over the role of human beings…

Global CAD Productions

CAD Productions specializes producing documentaries that address sustainable human development challenges. Their slogan, images that change the world, reflects the spirit of their social documentary production company that was primarily created to showcase successful stories of communities and individuals achieving development goals. This showreel made by nomadocs show the alliance by both initIatives from 2012 until 2015


In cinematography, documentary film constitutes a world apart compared to the other genres in terms of different forms of audiovisual narrative. It can be defined as a type of film, which is both informative and educational, which tries to express reality from an objective point of view. Even so, it is important to highlight that…


The project Towards the Human City aims to identify, document and communicate initiatives that make significant improvements in the way we think about and manage cities in order to make them more human and inclusive. Nomadocs has collaborated in the creative development and visual narrative creations of "Towards the Human City". At the beginning of 2015,…

Viento Norte Sur

ATLAS TREKKING SOLIDARIO, EL VALLE DE OUNILA Viento Norte Sur is an association which prefers to focus its activities on cooperating with developing projects in responsible tourism, based on environmental, economic and social sustainability. All the trips are organised and coordinated directly by the local community, preserving their social integrity in the development of tourism…