“Limbo, the Forgotten Promise” is born to tell a story of oppression and resistance.

Western Sahara is recognized by the United Nations as the largest territory in the planet yet to be decolonized. 43 years have gone by since Morocco invaded a region that Spain abandoned but once considered its 53rd province. After surviving a military invasion and an attempted genocide, the strong will of the Sahrawi people to free their land remains unwavering. Today, the Sahrawi have to face the challenge of living in a land forcibly isolated by a 1700-mile-long wall—militarized and strewn with landmines.

On one side of this wall of shame, within the Morocco-occupied territories, the Sahrawi population survives under the tyranny of an oppressing regime in which people are tortured and go missing on a daily basis. On the other side, in the middle of the inhospitable Sahara dessert, the Sahrawi resistance assembles among the bleak Algerian refuge camps.

As the theorist E. Said once remarked: “Exile is an oddly captivating thing to think about, but a terrible plight to suffer. It is an unbridgeable gap forcibly separating the self from its true home.”


What is Limbo?


LIMBO is a social movement born out of the alliance of two organizations that have been working together for a long time to highlight inconvenient truths and raise awareness around never-ending injustices. At heart of this joint project is the documentary “Limbo, the Forgotten Promise”.

From a humane and respectful standpoint, while remaining critical of the continuous infringement of human rights and how the international community has ignored the issue for so long, LIMBO offers some food for thought, opening the door for hope.

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