The project Towards the Human City aims to identify, document and communicate initiatives that make significant improvements in the way we think about and manage cities in order to make them more human and inclusive.

Nomadocs has collaborated in the creative development and visual narrative creations of “Towards the Human City”. At the beginning of 2015, NDocs and TTHC allied to film and document some of these initiatives traveling and filming in Indonesia and editing some ones from South America.

These following videos are the result of this alliance.

Waste Management Forum in Bandung

Connecting stakeholders around waste management challenges to create a common vision and enhance creative collaboration

The initiative is a collaborative network that aims to connect cross-sectors stakeholders in order to create a common vision on how to enhance waste management in Bandung City, restoring its image of “the flower city”. This effort is fostered through informal Forums where every citizen is equally represented, generating friendship and a more fluid and creative collaboration among people from different areas.

Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF)

Creative space to promote education, culture and creative businesses in a participatory manner

BCCF is an independent Organization that aims to serve the general public and creative community in Bandung. In its every activity, BCCF use creativity-based educational approach and encourage private as well as community creative entrepreneurship. The Organization initiates many arts and culture-focused projects, and aims to widen the creative network in a collective effort to make Bandung a creative city ready and capable to compete and collaborate in the global context.

Bandung Berkebun

Movement to popularize creative gardening in highly densed urban areas.

Bandung Berkebun is an urban farming initiative that aims to transform the city´s unproductive land and negative spaces into urban gardens. The initiative also counts with a Nature School Program to educate the youth, adults and seniors through instructive and innovative activities about gardening and green life style, in order to build an environmentally sustainable system to uplift communities.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Children movement for the erradication of plastic bags in Bali.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags is a social initiative driven by local and international children living in Bali, between ages 11 to 17. The initiative’s mission is to ban the use, sale and production of plastics bags in the island of Bali by 2018.

Eco Bali

Promoting responsible waste disposal and sustainable solutions to waste management in Bali.

Formed by professionals experienced in environmental issues and educational programs, the initiatives´ focus is to achieve “Zero Waste” and preserve the city´s environment. To achieve this objective, Eco Bali provides sustainable solutions to waste management problems while increasing awareness on environmental best practices among individuals, communities and businesses through training and coaching sessions. The initiative also provides a tailored waste collection service, material recycling and installation of composting systems for households and businesses.