Across The Rivers

Across the Rivers is an educational project through documentary films, global stories about the most emblematic rivers on this planet.

The project wants to inspire and motivate society to participate more actively and consciously on the way to create a sustainable world, to invite to think over the role of human beings in this story. The goal of Across the Rivers is to tell stories in an informative and educational way through a documentary films serie. Show the the life over the rivers, and as transversal axis, to work in areas about environment, education, the empowerment of women, music or spirituality among others.

The project has born by the hand of the filmmaker Antonio Rodrigo in 2016, when he decides to onboard on an exciting journey to India across the Ganges, supported by Viento Norte Sur, a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing solidry trips, volunteering activities and development cooperation. From this collaboration will be born a documentary and a solidarity trip in order to explore the culture of india across the Ganges.