NomaDocs and Viento Norte Sur have come together to produce a new project: a documentary series, “Rivers, a portrait of human legacy”. From 15th October, the NomaDocs team, with the support and backing of Niento Norte Sur, will be travelling to India to begin shooting what will be the first episode in the series, “The Origin of the Ganges

This partnership between the two institutions sprang from their shared objective: to cause us to reflect on our relationship with the planet, in terms of development and the environment, using its rivers to provoke this reflection in its cultural context.

The Rivers project aims to create a series of 10 episodes of approximately 50mins duration. In these episodes the 10 most emblematic rivers of the planet will be documented. The purpose of each one is to create a global, multimedia analysis of the relationship between humankind and nature.

As soon as they have been edited, the project will move forward with screening the episodes in social and cultural centres. The screening will be set up in a traditional yurt (a multimedia installation which will recreate a home on the Mongolian Steppes). The end goal is to encourage awareness in our cociety, and especially in forthcoming generations.

The association Viento Norte Sur focusses on responsibe tourism projects, based on environmental, economic and social sustainability. One of the goals of this project is to create a solidarity trip through the places, which will be filmed, in the first episode. The tour begins in Gangotry, Rishikesh, in the area of the Uttartakhand which is situated in the Himalayas. The end-point is Varanasi, a sacred city famous worldwide for its cremation ceremonies on the banks of the River Ganges.

If you would like more information about the Solidarity Trips, click here.

Since March 2015, Antonio Rodrigo, director and founder of NomaDocs, has been part of the team at Viento Norte Sur, working as the producer of the association’s video projects. At present, he is the coordinator of the project in India and the director of the first episode in the Rivers series, “The Origin of the Ganges”.

Context of the project

Water is an essential key to guaranteeing the survival and development of human, animal and plant life, as well as part of the economic and environmental process. As a result, it is unsurprising that it has been revered throughout antiquity and played a fundamental role in mythology and religion. Throught the mellennia, the taming of water, with the aim of putting it under the control and in the service of humankind, has been assumed to have been a heroic accomplishment of the hydraulic industry. But the worldwide availability of drinking water, treated or untreated, has come face to face with a growing threat, including the possibility of “Water Wars”. Are we really going to find ourselves in a worldwide water crisis? And what will this said crisis consist of?

Theophartus Bombast von Hehnheim, Physique S.XVI

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